Mission Statement

On Broadway, Inc. will champion the historic Broadway District as the vibrant, engaging business and residential urban center of Northeast Wisconsin by focusing on strategic marketing and staffing, funding and sustainability efforts, event development and coordination of promotions, business and residential recruitment and retention, and the redevelopment/management efforts of Larsen Green.

Vision Statement

On Broadway, Inc. is the recognized leader for creatively building a sustainable, relevant, and thriving urban community.

District Vision Statement

The Broadway District is a vibrant community activated by:

  • People strolling the streets shopping for one-of-kind gifts or everyday goods
  • Diners enjoying diverse restaurants that intermingle with shops and other cultural and entertainment venues
  • Activity flowing between the streets of Broadway and the waterfront to the rest downtown
  • A variety of housing styles mixed throughout the district, providing affordable housing for all markets
  • The entrepreneurial spirit coupled with a strong dynamic employee base

As creativity and art provide the underlying pulse of the district, these elements combine making the Broadway District the place people of all ages and backgrounds come to shop, eat, live, work, network and play.

Board Members

On Broadway, Inc. Board

Chad Van Handel BID Treasurer
Ann Seidl OBI Secretary
Mike Hall OBI Treasurer
Peter Nugent OBI Vice-President
Elliot Christenson OBI President

Business Improvement District Board

Chad Van Handel BID Treasurer
Rachel Sowinski BID President
Peter Nugent OBI Vice-President
Elliot Christenson OBI President

Larsen Governing Board - On Broadway Appointee

Larsen Governing Board - City of Green Bay Appointee