Restaurant Menu Item Description



Aardvark Wine Lounge  Bobotie and Yellow Rice A South African dish made from spiced minced meat and egg based topping and yellow rice  5
  Diltary Soup and Bread Creamy mushroom soup with biltery gel bread  4
  Mini Milktart Cups Traditional South African dessert made with milk, flour, sugar, and eggs topped with cinnamon  2
Chefusion Filet Crostini Grilled filet mignon on housemade crostini with uptown mac and cheese  5
  Kobe Meatloaf Lollipop With uptown mac and cheese  5
  Signature Sangria    5
Fox Heights Lobster Mac N' Cheese Our very own spicy lobster and cheese blend mixed with pasta 3
  Tomato Basil Bisque    
Glass Nickel Pizza Co. Caraway Reuben Burger Pizza Pizza with Thousand Island, sauerkraut, caraway seeds, house cheese, pickles, beef and swiss 3
  Maragherita Pizza Pizza with ricotta sauce, house cheese, tomato, basil, and garlic 3
Homemade Southern Cuisine Cornbread Sweet, fluffy, and moist cornbread 1
  Pulled Pork Smoked pork cooked until tender topped with our secret sauce 3
  Jambalaya Chicken breat and sausage sauteed jambalaya 5
MonzĂș Bakery Slice of Cake Choice of two different flavors 2
  Cookie Chice of chocolate chip or pecan toffee 1
  Strawberry Shortcake Vanilla Scone filled with strawberries and fresh wipped cream 4
Oley's Pepperoni Cannoli Pizza Slice Choice of Pepperoni or Margherita Extra 2
  Cannoli Traditional Italian Dessert - homemade and stuffed onsite 3
Pier 465 Ceviche Citrus marinated seafood, pico de gallo 3
  Wisconsin CheeseSteak Slider Slow roasted prime rib, sweet caramelized onion, beer cheese sauce, pretzel slider 5
  Watermelon, Cucumber, Tomato Gazpacho Cold blended soup of fresh fruit and vegetables, finished with balsamic glaze and basil micro greens 2
SIL Restaurant Crostini Ribeye Crostini topped with blue cheese, thinly scliced ribeye, carmalized onions 5
  Shrimp Ceviche Plantains Fried plantains with shrimp ceviche 4
  Blueberry/Peach "Shortcake" Homemade poundcake topped with blueberry/peach mixture 3
Smoked to the Bone Rib Two bones pork ribs 5
  Bacon Cheeseburger Slider 2 oz burger with cheese and bacon 4
  Pulled Pork Street Taco Mini taco with slaw, cheese, and sauce 4
Tapped Sports Bar & Grill Loaded Tapped Tots Housemade tot topped with cheese sauce, shredded cheese, bacon, scallions and sour cream 3
  Mac N' Cheese Housemade mac n' cheese topped with bacon, shredded cheese and fresh parsley 4